Port Fonseca Vintage Limited Series 4x75cl

Port Fonseca Vintage Limited Series 4x75cl

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Fonseca Special Edition of the 2000s of Vintages
Box Nº 015 of 100
The house of Fonseca Port Wine was founded in 1815
Port wine Fonseca celebrated the historic declaration of four vintages in the same decade, with the launch of a special limited edition Premium.
The Premium Edition is a special limited edition of 100 sets Wood boxes, of 4 classic vintages, declared in the first decade of this century, rare in the centenary history of Fonseca.
Fonseca Vintage 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2009 are the crops of this exclusive edition, some hard to find in the market. Declared in years of exceptional quality, each collection expresses the unique characteristics of their year of preparation, as well as their evolution during aging in bottle.
They share the essential style of Fonseca house, signed by the winemaker David Guimaraens, which is characterized by the preservation of traditional wine-making methods, with foot treading in granite mills, with a careful selection of the best lots. This philosophy has allowed Fonseca, high praise from the international criticism, the only house with four Port wines rated with 100 points by Wine Spectator, the American magazine considered the bible of wines.
Robert Parker, one of the most international wine critical, recently gave 100 points to Fonseca Vintage 1963 and considered the Fonseca "one of the great wine houses of Porto, that produces the Port wines more exotic and more complex. With its lush and seductive character, we could call it the Pomerol wines Vintage Port".
James Suckling, renowned English critic, goes further considering Fonseca the "Bentley" of Port wine. A wine producer "from enthusiasts to enthusiasts. "
Known its potential of aging, these wines are the jewel's crown of any wine cellar, a testimony in permanent evolution of its vintage year, which year after year surprises and takes on a new character.


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