Winesave - Wine preservation

Winesave - Wine preservation

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The Winesave allows you to enjoy the bottle of wine over time instead of having to drink it all at once
Winesave is a bottle to feed pure argon gas, which protects the complex characteristics of flavor, color and aroma of wine
Suitable for all types of wine, including ports and sparkling.
Winesave keeps the wine at its peak during weeks after opening.
Deterioration, rust or simple waste whenever choose not to drink the whole bottle at once it's over.
Winesave protects the wine with the placement of a pure gas in the bottle, inert and odorless called argon (heavier than air) and keeps its color complex characteristics, aroma and taste.
1. Argon is an inert gas, so does not alter or contaminate the wine.
2. Argon is twice half and heavier than air and thus creates a perfect and impenetrable barrier on the surface of the wine.
3. Winesave is effective to protect all wines, including sparkling.
4. Winesave is the practical solution to preserve and save costs in your home, restaurants and wineries.
5. Each package provides for a minimum of 50 applications designed to last for 100 uses each package contains 6 liters of argon gas.
Press the Winesave for a second, put back the cork and keep the bottle in vertical property.
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Ingredients: 100% argon gas feed (Aligal6)

Not considered hazardous under the criteria of the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission (NOHSC). Argon gas is non-combustible.
Packaging and labeling: Aerosol packaging, black color.


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