Port Wine DOW'S LBV 2009 75cl

Port Wine DOW'S LBV 2009 75cl

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DOW'S LBV 2009 
The Dow's is owned and managed by the fourth generation of the Symington family, Port Wine producers since the nineteenth century. With an experience of more than 100 years, the family is responsible for all phases of wine production, from the vineyards, winemaking, to the final stocking them.
The Late Bottled Vintage Dow's is a wine of a single year, but not a Vintage declared. While a Vintage Port spends only two years in oak casks and after aging in bottle, LBV ages four to six years in casks oak and then it is bottled with a light filtration. When bottled, Dow's LBV has completed the process of aging and is ready to drink, It does not require decanting.
Tasting Notes
Intense ruby color. The nose is full of ripe black fruits with  attractive notes of spice and jam blackberries. The palate is full-bodied with prunes and a very long finish, slightly dry, with a hint of spice.
Serving Suggestions
The Dow's LBV can be enjoyed in any time and goes well with all types chocolate-based desserts, and as hard cheeses or even a cheese goat.
The wine year
In his vintage report, compiled in October 2009, Paul Symington wrote, "This has been a challenging year for the Douro people and for wine produce. Three years in a row dry region like ours is still complicated plus the already difficult task of exploring vineyards mountain. " The combination of drought and intense heat, translated into production substantially lower. Furthermore, screening rigorous fruit on the carpets of choice also contributed to a more harvest short. However, adaptability and resistance the Douro varieties won the Uso adverse, with Touriga Franca varieties and Touriga Nacional - in particular - to disclose good performances.
Technical specifications
Alcohol: 20% vol (20 ° C)
Total acidity: 4.4 g / l tartaric acid
Baume: 3.3
Reviews Press
"A top brand name owned by family in the world of wines, Symington. Dow's, prestigious brand and quality " 
Susan Keevil / Susy Atkins, Which? Wine Guide 2003
"Sorting the Dow's like 5 stars ... extraordinary. "
Robert Parker, Parker's Wine Buying Guide 2003


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